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The Bad Movie Report-- Dr. Freex is at least half of the reason you're reading this stuff at all if we haven't met face-to-face. His combination of extremely well-written reviews and relatively simple web design first gave me the idea that I, too, could build a website, and that if I did, there might be at least a few people out there who would read it. Not only that, his B-movie credentials exceed those of virtually anyone else reviewing celluloid schlock on the web, for he once made a cheap-ass horror flick. Better still, there's a wing of his site dedicated to telling the whole sordid story!

And You Call Yourself a Scientist!-- I'm a man who loves a unique perspective, and you can't get much more unique in this business than a site that features reviews (mostly of old science fiction movies) written by a real-life, honest-to-Baal mad scientist. Liz is also a fantastic writer, and brings more sheer insight to the table than any other critic specializing in the World o' B that I know of-- with the possible exception of this next guy...

Braineater-- You want to read a review of the original Gamera that includes transcriptions of its incidental music and a sidebar explaining how giant Japanese monsters get named? Then Will Laughlin is your man. Anybody who'll devote as much mental effort to a Larry Buchanan movie as went into his review of Zontar, the Thing From Venus has my undying respect and admiration. You can even use Braineater to gauge the extent of your own B-movie corruption-- if you understand why the Giallo Generator is funny, you're already a hopeless case. He's also one of the few folks I know of who shares some of my sick fascination with Jesus Franco, but that's another matter altogether. (I think they might make pills for that now...)

Stomp Tokyo-- The Viacom of internet B-movie criticism, these guys have grown into a veritable media empire. They host more subsidiary sites than you can shake a severed arm at, they run the much-beloved B-Movie Message Board, and they've even gotten into print publishing of late. Entertaining reviews in a very wide range of genres.

Teleport City-- The closest thing to a kindred spirit I've got on the web. Smart-assed, often wildly digressive reviews in which tangents on Italian civil unrest in the 70's and life as a Southern punk rocker in the 80's are to be equally expected. The Teleport City boys also take on much more than movies; look in the right place, and you'll find book reviews, record reviews, and tales of high adventure in exotic locales like Japan and Florida. Plus, they've got a healthy affection for Diana Rigg...

Cold Fusion Video-- Another site that's inching toward media-empire status. The main site rivals for cool, with highly distinctive layouts, a couple of neat gimmicks, and pages devoted to such unexpected strangeness as pictorial souvenir phone cards from Japan. Good reviews, too.

The Unknown Movies Page-- The premise here is a simple one: The Unknown Movies Page dedicates itself exclusively to reviewing films no one has ever heard of. And as a quick tour through the reviews there will show you, there's usually a very good reason for the movies' obscurity.

Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension-- The movie review site that put the "exhaust" in "exhaustive." If you're looking for reviews that dissect their subjects down to the level of every freakin' change of camera angle, then Jabootu's Bad Movie Dimension is the place for you. Be sure to pack a lunch...



Other Noteworthy Sites The writing may be a little on the lightweight side, but Andrew Borntreiger more than makes up for it in presentation. Screen shots, film clips, snippets of choice dialogue, and a format that is nothing short of inspired. You've got to wonder how an active US Marine finds the time to run a site this ambitious.

The Bad Cinema Diary-- Probably the most overwhelming B-movie site on the web. The reviews are short, but there are more than a thousand of them, grouped in both a grand alphabetical array and a series of theme pages devoted to things like Hammer horror, kaiju movies, and race pictures of the 30's and 40's. That last bit should also tell you that the Bad Cinema Diary extends its reach into genres few other sites bother with. Pity it only updates once every month...

The Duck Speaks-- Zack "Marlowe" Handlen has a gimmick I just love. All his reviews are compare-and-contrast examinations of mostly tacky movies and the source material from which they derive-- be they novels or short stories or eight-bit Nintendo games from the mid-1980's. He's also got a new and more accomplished look for the site, and is now affiliated with the Bad Movie Planet. No more Geocities-- yay!

3-B Theater-- "3-B" as in "three beers." As in proprietor Chad Plambeck's favorite strategy for fighting his way to the end of flicks like Deadly Weapons and They Saved Hitler's Brain. Novices, meanwhile, will probably want at least a case.

Steamed Prawn Buns-- Don't ask me to explain the title of this site, 'cause I can't do it. What I can tell you is that if you have a weakness for chopsocky, blaxploitation, or just the world's worst action movies, then Steamed Prawn Buns will look to you like paradise itself.

Hysteria Lives!-- This site gives me serious slasher envy. Admittedly, the exclusive focus on loonies with knives makes it hard to read more than a few reviews at a time, but no other site that I know of deals with the subject of slasher movies in anything like this level of detail. There's a pretty good section covering the "Video Nasties" panic, too.



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